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Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinum Gift Set (Mature Skin)

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Brand: Vichy

Nourish your skin to reveal a healthy rosy glow with the Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinium gift set. Not only receive a full size Neovadiol Rose Platinium face cream (50 ml) but also receive the following gifts:
(1) Minéral 89 (15 ml),
(2) Minéral 89 Eyes (1 ml), and
(3) Neovadiol Night Care (15 ml).

(1) Neovial Rose Platnium (50 ml): Immediately nourishes and reveals a healthy rose glow.
(2) Minéral 89 (15 ml): Restores skin barrier for stronger skin. Formulated with 89% of Vichy Volcanic Water and hyaluronic acid. Repairs dry skin, fortifies and hydrates.
(3) Minéral 89 Eyes (1 ml): Fortifies fragile skin of eye contour area. Smoothes fine lines. Brightens eye contour area.
(4) Neovadiol Night Care (15 ml): Compensating complex. Defines skin contours and decreases skin temperature by 2.7 C.

Step 1: Boost with Minéral 89 (15 ml)
Step 2: De-puff eyes with Minéral 89 Eyes (1 ml)
Step 3: Moisturize with Neovadiol Rose Platnium face cream (15 ml)
At night: Intensely hydrate with Neovadiol Night care (50 ml)

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