About Us

Sasha Anderson

Owner & Makeup Artist

With over 10 years experience as a makeup artist and owner of Purple Box Mobile, it has been Sasha's pleasure to assist many brides on their wedding day. Sasha realized that as a professional & as a woman she was missing out on greater opportunities to leverage her passion for the beauty industry. She wanted to extend that passion to  women across the GTA by bringing them the feeling of being empowered, appreciated & beautiful. Out of this realization, came the idea for Purple Box Mobile Beauty Bar, Spa & Tween Spa.  

Important Information

  • To book the RV, we require a minimum of 4 guests with 2 services each

  • We can still accommodate if there are less than 4 guests - we will send a mobile team to your location without the RV or you can come to our studio location

  • Our vehicle is 29 feet long (2 car lengths) and requires approximately 10 feet in width. An appropriate parking location is required upon booking the RV.

  • Purple Box Mobile and it's staff will not be responsible for any infractions or parking expenses. Any costs associated with parking will require an extra fee.

  • If your venue does not have suitable parking available, or if you are in a condo or apartment building, we will find a convenient spot nearby

  • Travel fees apply as per the travel fee chart

  • Gratuity is not included in the price. If you feel our artists, stylists and estheticians did a phenomenal job, please add gratuity to the invoiced amount or give it directly to the artist at the time of service

  • 50% deposit required to reserve event dates

  • If paying by Credit Card or Visa Debit Card a handling fee of 3.2% will be applied to the total amount

Travel Fees.JPG
Travel Fees are calculated from Mississauga (23 Pearl Street) to client & return